Mortgage AHML: the rate on loans for new construction is reduced to 7.9%

HMLA Mortgage: interest rate on loans for new construction is reduced to 7.9% in rubles… And this is not the limit of June 29, 2011 g of 16:34 AIZhKAgentstvo for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) reduced interest rate mortgage loans under the program “New” and products ” Low-rise housing “and” mother’s capital “for the primary market zhilya.S July 1, 2011 basic minimum interest rate on credits in rubles is 7.9% per annum (previously – 10.5%). Taking into account the total amount of special deduction rate could fall to 6.4%. Loan at a rate of 7.9% per annum is available for short term loans (5-7 years), making 50% of the cost of housing as a down payment and a contract of personal insurance. But this is not the limit: The product of the Agency continues to operate additional deductions from interest rates, which have already become accustomed to the borrowers who buy housing in novostroykah. Protsentnaya rate is reduced by 0.25% in each case, if the borrower is a member of the subprogram “Provision of housing young families, “the federal program” Housing “, the owner of the certificate of public housing, sends an initial payment on the mortgage means the parent capital. Rate is reduced by another 0.5% if the house is purchased at a price no higher than the established Ministry of Regional Development of Russia. In addition, from July 1, added a new deduction – the interest rate falls by 0.25% if the loan is taken for the purchase of housing being built under the program AHML “Stimulus” (the “Program to encourage the provision of credit (loans) for the construction and purchase of housing “). All deductions summiruyutsya. Pri The maximum interest rate of credit / loans for new housing will not exceed 11% even with a minimal initial vznose. Kak Development Institute of the mortgage market, the Agency adheres to the tactics consistent influence on the market, which in 2010 had already yielded positive results. In the first half of last year the Agency kept the lowest bid in the market i, set the benchmark than the other participants and initiated a massive reduction in interest rates of mortgage loans in the second half of 2010 goda. Chepourin Ioannina, an expert on mortgage and real estate, “Central Mortgage Agency” Thank you for your interest in this information! And if you think this post helpful to the community itself, please click the “Like” button below, and put any rating for this entry so that I could know better what you really care about. Thank you and come here again! Subscribe to a feed of this community to be aware of the most interesting events of the mortgage market – and you’ll see the comments in the most important specialist topics, as well as be able to leave your own thoughts about it.

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